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Caribbean Islands, Guianas, …
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Gottfried, Johann Ludwig, 17 …
Image title [Title page]
Source Title Newe Welt und Americanische Historien ...
Source place of publication zu Franctfurt am Mayn [Frankfurt am Main]
Source date MDCXXXI. [1631]
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Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594
Image title [Title page]
Source Title [Atlas minor. English] Historia mundi, or, Mercator's Atlas. Containing his cosmographicall description of the fabricke and figure of the world
Source place of publication London
Source date 1635
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Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662
Image title [Title page]
Source Title [Cosmography in four books] Cosmographie in four bookes ...
Source place of publication London
Source date MDCLII. [1652]
North America
[Allegorical image of Americ …
Gorges, Ferdinando, 1629-171 …
Image title [Allegorical image of America]
Source Title America painted to the life. : The true history of the Spaniards proceeding in the conquests of the Indians, and of their civil wars among themselves
Source place of publication London
Source date 1659
Montanus, Arnoldus, 1625?-16 …
Image title America
Source Title De Nieuwe en onbekende Weereld: of Beschryving van America
Source place of publication t'Amsterdam
Source date 1671
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Cubero Sebastián, Pedro, 164 …
Image title [Title page]
Source Title Peregrinacion del mundo ...
Source place of publication En Napoles [Naples]
Source date 1682
Britannia americana, of Besc …
Oldmixon, Mr. (John), 1673-1 …
Image title Britannia americana, of Beschryving der Engelsche colonien in West-Indien
Source Title [British empire in America. Dutch] Het Britannische ryk in Amerika ...
Source place of publication Te Amsterdam
Source date MDCCXXI [1721]
[Allegory of British commerc …
Savary des Brûlons, Jacques, …
Image title [Allegory of British commerce]
Source Title [Dictionnaire universel de commerce. English] The universal dictionary of trade and commerce: with large additions and improvements, adapting the same to the present state of British affairs in America, since the last treaty of peace made in the year 1763. ... the fourth edition. vol. 1.
Source place of publication London
Source date MDCCLXXIV. [1774]
[America presents a scepter …
Image title [America presents a scepter to European soldiers]
Source Title Atlante dell'America contenente le migliori carte geographiche ...
Source place of publication Livorno [Leghorn]
Source date MDCCLXXVII [1777]
L'Amérique indépendante
Image title L'Amérique indépendante
American Revolution
Image technique Engraving, colored
Narrative description Boston Tea Party. Europe, Africa, America, and Asia watch images of the Revolution projected by Father Time with a magic lantern. An teapot in flames fanned by a cock symbolizing France Images include: Africa as a woman, America as an Indian, Asia as a woman, Britain as a prostrate lion, Europe as a woman, the American rattlesnake flag, France as a cock, Holland as a lion with arrows, liberty cap, American soldiers.
Subject American Revolution
North America
America trampling on Oppress …
Johnson, R. (Richard), 1733 …
Image title America trampling on Oppression.
Source Title The history of North America ... By the Rev. Mr. Cooper
Source place of publication London
Source date 1789
Decr. 1st. 1792
Europe supported by Africa & …
Stedman, John Gabriel, 1744- …
Image title Europe supported by Africa & America.
Source Title Narrative, of a five years' expedition, against the revolted Negroes of Surinam ... Vol. II.
Source place of publication London
Source date 1796
Triumph of Liberty. Dedicate …
[New York]
Title Triumph of Liberty. Dedicated to the Defenders in America.
Image technique Engraving
Narrative description American Enlightenment principles victorious over European monarchical tradition.
Subject Allegory
April 21, 1800
North America
An Emblem of America.
Image title An Emblem of America.
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