Detail View: JCB Archive of Early American Images: [Massacre at Jamestown, Virginia, 1622]

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F706 A111n
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[Massacre at Jamestown, Virginia, 1622]
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[Pieter van der Aa]
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fold-out plate; vol. 26, [part 8], following p. 8
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12.9 cm.
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18.2 cm.
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17.2 cm.
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21.5 cm.
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Scene of warfare between European and native American soldiers. Natives attack European settlement while its inhabitants dine and work. Includes fortifications, dwellings, fish, hatchet or ax, knives, and war clubs.
Source Title: 
Naaukeurige versameling der gedenk-waardigste zee en land-reysen na Oost en West-Indiën ... zedert het jaar 1524 tot 1526
Source place of publication: 
In het ligt gegeven te Leyden [Leiden]
Source publisher: 
Door Pieter Vander Aa, boekverkoper in de St. Pieters Koor-steeg, in Plato.
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Text describes attack by Opechancanough on the English settlement at Jamestown on March 22, 1622. When one of his men failed to return from a visit, the Indian chief and his men entered the camp with food. Once inside they massacred 347 English men and women. This image is derived from Theodor de Bry, America, part 13, page 28, and follows the special title page for Scheeps-togt van Anthony Chester na Virginia ..., Leiden, 1707. This collection of voyages consists of 127 parts, each having a special title page, separate pagination, and register. The voyages covering the period from 1246 to 1696 are arranged chronologically.
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Acquired before 1849.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
geographic area: 
North America
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Artifacts, industry, and human activities
Subject Area: 
Indigenous peoples
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Indians of North America--Warfare