Detail View: JCB Archive of Early American Images: Cinchona macrocarpa.

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D797 L222d / 1-SIZE
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Cinchona macrocarpa.
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J. Barlow
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[B. and J. White]
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fold-out plate 3; following p. 22
stipple engraving
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18.5 cm.
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34.5 cm.
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28.6 cm.
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39.7 cm.
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Branch of the Cinchona macrocarpa tree with flowers and leaves. Includes details of fruit.
Source creator: 
Lambert, Aylmer Bourke, 1761-1842
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A description of the genus Cinchona, comprehending the various species of vegetables from which the Peruvian and other barks of a similar quality are taken. Illustrated by figures of all the species hitherto discovered. ...
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Printed for B. and J. White, at Horace's Head, Fleet-Street.
Source date: 
M.DCC.XCVII. [1797]
This species is now known as Ladenbergia macrocarpa and is native to Panama. Cinchona, native to the Andean highlands from Bolivia to Colombia and to parts of Panama and Costa Rica, was named in honor of the countess of Chinchón who, legend says, was cured of a fever in 1638 by a preparation of the bark. There are about 40 species of the tree. The bark is also known as Jesuit's bark and Peruvian bark.Lambert was a British botanist and one of the first members of the Linnaean Society. He is best known for his description of the genus Pinus; the genus Lambertia is named for him. Some of the species of cinchona are described from examples in the herbarium of Sir Joseph Banks. The engraver is probably Inigo Barlow (active 1790).
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Former collection of Edward Duke. Acquired in 1944.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
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Spanish America
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Flora and fauna
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Natural history--South America
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Medicinal plants--Panama
Subject headings: 
Medicinal plants--South America
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Subject headings: 
Botany--South America