Detail View: JCB Archive of Early American Images: [Death of female slave on St. Christopher]

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E775 R274h / 1-SIZE
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[Death of female slave on St. Christopher]
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C. P. Marillier
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illustration; vol. 3, p. 1
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5.9 cm.
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13 cm.
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25.8 cm.
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19.2 cm.
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A black female (slave) dies with a knife in her torso. Her body is supported by a black male slave, and another black male slave holds a knife in his hand. A black slave runs toward them.
Source creator: 
Raynal, abbé (Guillaume-Thomas-François), 1713-1796
Source Title: 
Histoire philosophique et politique des établissemens et du commerce des Européens dans les deux Indes ... Tome troisieme.
Source place of publication: 
Geneve [Geneva]
Source publisher: 
Chez les libraires associés
Source date: 
M. DCC. LXXV. [1775]
Text tells the story of two slaves who had been friends since childhood and who fell in love with the same slave woman. After a long period of emotional suffering, they stabbed the woman and then killed themselves. Perhaps an allegory for the division of the island of St. Christopher [Saint Kitts] between France and England. Raynal, an Enlightenment philosopher, wrote of the horrors of slavery in the colonies.
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Acquired in 1968.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
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Artifacts, industry, and human activities
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