Detail View: JCB Archive of Early American Images: [Moctezuma greets Cortés]

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F706 A111n
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[Moctezuma greets Cortés]
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[Pieter van der Aa]
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fold-out plate; vol. 9, [part 1], following p. 30
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12.6 cm.
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16.5 cm.
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17.3 cm.
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21.4 cm.
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Hernán Cortés and a native American king or greet each other in a Mexican city. Cortés's men ride horses while the native American is carried in a chair and attended by his retinue. Includes canopy, dwellings, feathered headdresses, and horse.
Source Title: 
Naaukeurige versameling der gedenk-waardigste zee en land-reysen na Oost en West-Indiën ... zedert het jaar 1519 tot 1521
Source place of publication: 
In het ligt gegeven te Leyden [Leiden]
Source publisher: 
Door Pieter Vander Aa, boekverkoper in de St. Pieters Koor-steeg, in Plato.
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Text discusses the meeting between Cortés and the Aztec emperor. Moctezuma [Montezuma] II (reigned 1502-1520) was the son of Axayácatl and the great grandson of Moctezuma I. He surrendered to the Spanish in 1520. This image follows the special title page for Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas, Heldhaftige reys-togten, te land door Ferdinand Cortes, in Nieuw-Spanje ... , Leyden, 1707. This collection of voyages consists of 127 parts, each having a special title page, separate pagination, and register. The voyages covering the period from 1246 to 1696 are arranged chronologically.
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Acquired before 1849.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
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Artifacts, industry, and human activities
Subject headings: 
Indians of Mexico--First contact with Europeans
Subject headings: 
Mexico--History--Conquest, 1519-1540