Detail View: JCB Archive of Early American Images: larbre apelle sombrade

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Codex Fr 1
Image title: 
larbre apelle sombrade
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Image function: 
illustration; verso leaf 10
painting, manuscript
Image dimension height: 
14.9 cm.
Image dimension width: 
15 cm.
Page dimension height: 
30.1 cm.
Page dimension width: 
20.5 cm.
Materials medium: 
ink, watercolor
Materials support: 
Strangler fig tree.
Source creator: 
Champlain, Samuel de
Source Title: 
Brief discours des choses plus remarquables que Samuel Champlain de Brouage √° reconneues aux Indes occidentales
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Source date: 
Text describes a tree in Puerto Rico, whose name comes from the Spanish for leafy shade, which grows from the branches falling to the ground and taking root. The strangler fig, Ficus destruens, begins life as an epiphyte in the branches of a host tree. It sends out roots that root in the soil beneath the host and begin to grow around the trunk of the host tree which eventually dies. The manuscript, attributed to Champlain, describes his voyage sailing with a Spanish fleet to the Caribbean in 1599 to 1600.
Time Period: 
Wilmere, A. Narrative of a voyage to the West Indies, p. 11
Acquired in 1884.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
geographic area: 
Caribbean Islands
Subject Area: 
Flora and fauna
Subject headings: 
Natural history--Caribbean area