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Meteorite, or mass of native iron, at the Hacienda de Conception, State of Chihuahua.
Hacienda de Conception, southern Chihuahua, Mexico, near the Durango border
November 12, 1852
Image technique: 
pencil sketch on beige paper
Image dimensions: 
9 x 11.4 inches
Narrative description: 
Meteorite found at the Hacienda de Concepcion. Drawing shows two sides of the meteorite. Bartlett reported that the weight of the meteorite was 3,853 pound and was found about 270 yards from the house of Don Juan Urquidi. He also reports that Dr. Webb of his party broke 5 chisels trying to get a specimen for their collection. While Bartlett's expedition was unsuccessful in trying to get a specimen, others were more successful and many little pieces had been hacked from the mass.
Mueller, Annotated Guide to the Artwork of the US Boundary Commission, p. 117
Related drawing: JRB137. Personal Narrative derivative: none. This drawing is contained in a sketch book titled: The Royal Academy Sketch Book. The John Carter Brown Library master list assigned lower case letters to the drawings in this sketchbook, however, each image has been numbered and those numbers are used for identification here.
John Russell Bartlett
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