Detail View: John Russell Bartlett Collection: JRB043

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Sugar Loaf Mt. Sonora
east entrance to Doubtful Canyon in the Peloncillo Mountains on the Arizona and New Mexico border
August 31, 1851
Image technique: 
pencil sketch on beige paper
Image dimensions: 
6.3 x 9.8 inches
Narrative description: 
View of a valley with a lone horseback rider and mountains. The sketch is labeled "no. 21;" a note at the bottom reads: "Approach to El Picacho, genl. Conde's 3° camp—Aug 31 st 1851." The note refers to the fact that the Mexican Commission had been camped in Doubtful Canyon near where Bartlett and General Pedro García Conde had agreed would become the western boundary of New Mexico, a line 3° of longitude west of the initial point on the Rio Grande. Sugar Loaf mountain is present day Steins Peak. Rooster Comb mountain may be seen at the far left.
Related drawing: JRB044, JRB045,JRB111, amd JRB185 were all sketched in Doubtful Canyon. Personal Narrative derivative: vol. 1, p. 366.
John Russell Bartlett
Landscape, with figure
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