Detail View: John Russell Bartlett Collection: JRB038

Record number: 
Presidio at the Copper Mines
Santa Rita, New Mexico
August 1851
Image technique: 
pencil sketch on thin beige paper
Image dimensions: 
4.9 x 7.8 inches
Narrative description: 
View of fortified buildings in a valley at the Copper Mines. An ink title in the lower center reads: "Presidio at the Copper Mines," written over "View of the Presedio, and other Buildings, at Copper Mines, Taken from the mine" and "heaps of ore ready for the furnace, - left by the Mexicans." There is nothing on the verso. Bartlett reached the Copper Mines on May 2, 1851, after breaking his shoulder earlier in the day in a fall from his horse. He remained at the Copper Mines for two weeks.
Related drawing: JRB184 by Seth Eastman is similar but taken from a eastern vantage point. Personal Narrative derivative: vol. 1, p. 235
John Russell Bartlett
Landscape, with architectural features
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