Detail View: John Russell Bartlett Collection: JRB029

Record number: 
Maricopa Village
GIla River southeast of Pheonix, Arizona, near the village of Sacaton
February 1852
Image technique: 
Pencil sketch on thin light gray paper
Image dimensions: 
7.1 x 8.9 inches
Narrative description: 
The winter village of Indians on the Gila River. Its inhabitants are carrying food and firewood, playing with children, watching cattle. Includes dwellings, fence or stockade, with mountains in the distance. The writing appears to be Bartlett's but the date of the drawing is problematic since Bartlett only saw the Maricopa and Pima Indians in the summer and Pratt was downstream at the Yuma in January of 1852, arriving in San Diego on Feb. 11, 1852. The drawing is identifies the village as Maricopa, although the notes under the drawing read, "The Winter Village of the Pimo Indians on the Rio Gila." The notes also read that "This view was taken when we went down the River in Feby 1852."
Related drawing: JRB192. Personal Narrative derivative: none
Henry Cheever Pratt
Landscape, with figures
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