Detail View: John Russell Bartlett Collection: JRB006

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The Mission of San Diego
Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá, California
April 1852
Image technique: 
pencil drawing on fine-textured paper
Image dimensions: 
4.6 x 7 inches on 5.3 x 73. inches stock
Narrative description: 
View of a mission building with wall and tree in foreground. The drawing is signed "The Mission of San Diego—April 1852—HC Pratt." This sketch has great detail and is much darker than the typical pencil sketches done by Bartlett. Bartlett indicates in his Narrative (vol. 2, p. 104) that at the time of his stay in San Diego, the mission, which had been abandoned a few years before, was now "occupied by United States troops, under the command of Colonel J. B. Magruder, and in consequence is kept in good repair.
Related drawing: none. Personal Narrative derivative: vol. 2, p. 104. Pratt spent more time in and around San Diego (3.5 months) than at any other location during his tenure on the Boundary Commission. The mission at San Diego was established on this site in 1774, abandoned as a mission in the mid-nineteenth century, and was returned to the church in 1862, after use by the U. S. Army as a post.
Henry Cheever Pratt
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