Detail View: John Russell Bartlett Collection: JRB001

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Fort Yuma, Colorado River
Fort Yuma Historical Site, Quechan Indian Reservation, Arizona and California
January or June 1852
Image technique: 
watercolor on coarse textured beige paper
Image dimensions: 
9.8 x 13.7 inches
Narrative description: 
View of a fort on a river. This watercolor is probably the basis for the frontispiece lithograph for vol. 1 of Bartlett's Personal Narrative. The two images are not precisely matched, however, and it seems likely that the lithograph was created from another sketch by Pratt that is not a part of the collection at the JCB. Picacho Peck, behind the fort, is less prominent in the lithograph. Pratt was at this site in both January and June of 1852, Bartlett was present only in June 1852. Despite the fact that Bartlett assigns artistic credit to Pratt for the lithograph in his 1854 edition of Personal Narrative, because the watercolor is not signed, Mueller attributes this item to Bartlett.
Related drawing: JRB172-17. Personal Narrative derivative: vol. 1, frontispiece. Fort Yuma was first established on November 27, 1850, on the Colorado River, less than a mile below the mouth of the Gila River. In March 1851 the post was moved to a small elevation on the Colorado's west bank, opposite the present city of Yuma, Arizona, on the site of the former Mission Puerto de la Purisima Concepcion.
John Russell Bartlett, but has been also attributed to Henry Cheever Pratt
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