Detail View: JCB Map Collection: [Island of Dipso, Crusia, and Forni]

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H532 B292i
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[Island of Dipso, Crusia, and Forni]
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31 cm.
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20 cm.
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Woodcut map, leaf Eii recto
Geographical description: 
Map of the islands of Dipso [Lipsos?], Crusia, Tragia, and Fournoi [Fornoli or Phournoi—a group of small islands between Samos and Ikaria?], present-day Greece.
Source author: 
Bartolomeo da li Sonetti
Source title: 
Al diuo cinquece[n]to cinque e diece tre cinque a do mil nulla tre e do vn cento nulla. questa opra dar piu cha altri lecce
Source place: 
[Venice: s.n.], M.D.XXXII
Cartobibliographic notes: 
Title from incipit page. Author's name from p. [2]; authorship has been erroneously ascribed to Bartolomeo Zamberti. Originally published Venice, ca. 1485.
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Historical notes: 
Isolari (books of islands), produced during the 14th to 16th centuries, are maps of the Mediterranean islands that were used on board ships. They served the function of indicating to sailors where shallow waters and reefs might be found, but they also were literary works. The author of this book, Bartolomeo, was given the name of "Il Sonetti" because of the sonnets he wrote to accompany the depictions of the islands.
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