Detail View: JCB Map Collection: [lower right] [Southeast section of a map of Antigua]

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Cabinet Er749.1
Map title: 
[lower right] [Southeast section of a map of Antigua]
Place of Publication: 
Publication date: 
Feb. 2d, 1748/9
Map size height: 
54 cm.
Map size width: 
68 cm.
Item description: 
Engraved map on 4 sheets
Geographical description: 
Lower right section of four sheets of a map of the island of Antigua. Includes soundings, land use for the Navy, settlement with dwellings, gun batteries, scale, and some topographical details. Also includes top right corner of the island with sea banks or shoals marked, location of roads, settlements, windmills, fortifications, and harbors. Also includes ships, compass rose, and list of subscribers to the map.
Source title: 
A new and exact map of the island of Antigua in America according to an actual and accurate survey made in the years 1746, 1747 & 1748 ..
Cartobibliographic notes: 
JCB copy formerly folded into Kane William Horneck, Engineer's report on the fortifications in the island of Antigua. 1752, manscript.
JCBAR 41:22-23 and 57:53-56; MCC 55 (Tooley, Antigua, no. 23); BMPM 2:231
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Historical notes: 
The first large-scale map of the island, produced under the supervision of Robert Baker, Surveyor General of the island. The list of approximately 350 subscribers amounts to a census of Antiguan planters, as well as others such as London officials, merchants, and the "Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons at the Ship Coffee House East Smithfield" [London].
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Baker, Robert
Mynde, James