Detail View: JCB Map Collection: America nouiter delineata.

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J590 B915v GVG 13 / 2-SIZE
Map title: 
America nouiter delineata.
Place of Publication: 
[Frankfurt am Main]
[Matthäus Merian]
Publication date: 
Map size height: 
35.3 cm.
Map size width: 
44.3 cm.
Item description: 
fold-out engraved map; following preface
Geographical description: 
Map of North and South America. Includes parts of western Europe and Africa. Includes two inset maps of the North and South Poles. Cartographic elements include lines of latitude and longitude, location of rivers, settlements, and lakes. Decorative elements include details in South America of Patagonian giants, scene of cannibalism, whales, sea monsters, scene of naval warfare, and ships. Includes the legendary cities of Manoa del Dorado and seven cities of Cibolo, lakes Parime and Eupana. Decorative cartouche contains skulls, bones, and sun.
Source title: 
[America. Pt. 13. Latin] Decima tertia pars Historiae Americanae ...
Source place: 
Francofurti ad Moenum Sumptibus Matthaei Meriani civis & Chalcographi Francofurtensis, M DC XXXIV
Cartobibliographic notes: 
The source of this map is thought to be the 1631 map by Hondius with the same title, although this map was published before Hondius's map.This work was first published in German by Theodor de Bry as (pt 1) Continuatio Americae, Frankfurt a. M., 1627, and (pt 2) Vierzehender Theil Amerikanischer Historien, Hanau, 1630. Here Merian united the two parts and had them translated into Latin. Together the work includes 15 sections.
Location: following preface; Church, E.D. Discovery, 174
Geographic Area: 
Western hemisphere
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