Detail View: JCB Map Collection: Americae pars magis cognita

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J590 B915v GVG 3.1a / 2-SIZE
Map title: 
Americae pars magis cognita
Place of Publication: 
[Frankfurt am Main]
[Theodor de Bry]
Publication date: 
Map size height: 
36.4 cm.
Map size width: 
44.5 cm.
Item description: 
fold-out engraved map; following preface, hand coloring
Geographical description: 
Map of South America, including the southern part of North America and Caribbean islands. Cartographic elements include location of rivers and churches or settlements, some topographical details, compass roses, and lines of latitude. Decorative elements include royal coats of arms of France and Philip II of Spain, navigational instruments such as dividers, fish, ship, and angel.
Source title: 
[America. Pt. 3. German] Dritte Buch Americae, darinn Brasilia ... aus eigener erfahrun in Teutsch beschrieben
Source place: 
Franckfurt am Mayn: in offcina Theodori de Bry [1593]
Location: following preface; Burden, P.D. Mapping of North America, 80; Church, E.D. Discovery, 181
Geographic Area: 
South America
Historical notes: 
This volume contains accounts of Staden's two voyages made to Brazil, 1546 to 1548 and 1549 to 1555, and Jean de Léry's voyage to Brazil made from 1555 to 1558. De Bry included in this volume the account of Hans Staden, Wahrhaftige Historia ... in der Newenwelt America gelegen, Marburg, 1557, and Jean de Léry, Histoire d'un voyage fait en la terre du Brésil, La Rochelle, 1578, as well as two letters by Nicolas Barré dated 1552.
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