Detail View: JCB Map Collection: A Discription of the Coleny of Surranam in Guiana Drawne in the Yeare 1667

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Cabinet Gm667 Di Ms
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A Discription of the Coleny of Surranam in Guiana Drawne in the Yeare 1667
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63.2 cm.
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55.1 cm.
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manuscript, hand coloring
Geographical description: 
Map of the Surinam and Commewijne rivers. Cartographic elements include scale, compass rose, soundings, sea banks, location of rivers, dwellings, settlements or plantations, and fort. Of interest is the location of a plantation labeled, "Jews," near the center of the map.
Cf. Black, J.D., ed. Blathwayt Atlas, vol. II, p. 199-202; John Carter Brown Library, Annual Report, 1913, p. 21
Geographic Area: 
South America
Historical notes: 
No English maps of Surinam were published while it was an English colony during the brief period between 1651 and 1667 when the area along the Surinam River was surrendered to the Dutch; two manuscript versions exist from that period of which this is one. This map was not a part of the Blathwayt Atlas, although a manuscript map of the Surinam and Commewijne rivers from that Atlas closely resembles this one (see 8189-38), but probably was made after it. This map is drawn in the style of the Thames school and is of an irregular shape.Many of Surinam's Jewish community came from Brazil where they had become experienced in operating sugar plantations.
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