Detail View: JCB Map Collection: [Map of the world]

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Cabinet A556 F1 Map
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[Map of the world]
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Map size height: 
46.4 cm.
Map size width: 
41.8 cm.
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Geographical description: 
Map of the world in two thirty-six gore hemispheres. This image is the left sheet of a two-sheet map and is a north polar projection including North America, Caribbean islands, and northern part of South America. Cartographic elements include lines of latitude and longitude and some topographical details. Decorative elements include a medaillon portrait of Claudius Ptolemy.
Shirley, R.W. Mapping of the world, 99, plate 85; Gallo, R. "Antonio Florian," Imago Mundi VI: 35-38; Tooley, R.V. "Maps in Italian atlases," Imago Mundi III: 23
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Historical notes: 
The engraver's initials may be included above the medaillon portrait of Antonio Florian on right sheet of this set, "I.F.C." or Joannes Franciscus Camotius [?]. The map is directly copied from Mercator's double-cordiform map of 1538.
Normalized date: 
Antonio Florian