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JCB Archive of Early American Images
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J696 Z98t / 2-SIZE
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[lower right] Indianische Zucker=wurtzel. Sisarum Peruvianum.
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[Jacob Bertsche]
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illustration; p. 400
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12.2 cm. (lower right)
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7 cm. (lower right)
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36 cm.
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22 cm.
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Sweet potato plant with its leaves and tuber.
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Zwinger, Theodor, 1658-1724
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Theatrum botanicum, das ist: Neu vollkommenes Kräuter-Buch, worinnen allerhand Erdgewächse der Bäumen, Stauden und Kraütern, welche in allen vier Theilen der Welt, sonderlich aber in Europa herfür kommen ...
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gedruckt und verlegt durch Jacob Bertsche
Source date:
M.DC.LXXXXVI. [1696]
The scientific name for the sweet potato is Ipomoea batatas. It is native to Central and South America.Authorship according to British Museum (Natural History): This is based on Verzascha's edition of Pier Andrea Mattioli's "De Plantis Epitome utilissima..." from Verona, 1586, but so much altered and extended as practically to constitute a new work. Illustrated with about 1200 annotated woodcuts in the text by Gesner/ Camerarius (Iochino Camerario) originally used by Mattioli. Gesner had been preparing material for a massive historia plantarum but died before finishing the task. Camerarius acquired the material, utilized the woodcuts and supplemented them with his own designs. The woodcuts are remarkable in their scientific detail especially in the enlarged depictions of floral structure, seeds, and fruit. First appearing in 1586, these woodcuts became a convention in scientific botanical illustration. Zwinger was professor of physics and botany at Basel.
Time Period:
Acquired in 1987.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
geographic area:
Spanish America
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Flora and fauna
Subject headings:
Sweet potatoes
Subject headings:
Natural history--Central America
Subject headings:
Natural history--South America
Subject headings:
Medicinal plants--South America
Subject headings:
Medicinal plants--Central America
Subject headings:
Botany--Central America
Subject headings:
Botany--South America

[lower right] Indianische Zucker=wurtzel. Sisarum Peruvianum.