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JCB Archive of Early American Images
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BA810 S244
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Aparicion del Santo Christo de Chalma
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16.3 cm.
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11.8 cm.
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20 cm.
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14.4 cm.
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Image of Christ Crucified [Cristo renovado] above a toppled and broken statue of a native American wearing feathered headdress. Also includes monks or priests (one with a cross), native Americans kneeling before the statue, devils, and angels.
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Sardó, Joaquín, 1760?-1823
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Relacion historica y moral de la portentosa imagen de N. Sr. Jesucristo crucificado aparecida en una de las cuevas de S. Miguel de Chalma ...
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Impresa en casa de Arizpe
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Now the second most visited Christian holy place in Mexico, Chalma originally had a sacred cave with a statue of Ozteotl [Oztoteotl], the Dark Lord of the Cave. In 1539, Fray Nicholás de Perea gave a sermon to the Indians. Three days later the statue was in pieces, replaced by a life-size image of a black Christ Crucified. In 1683, the image was placed in a church especially consecrated for its worship. In the eighteenth century the image was destroyed by fire.
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Acquired in 1965.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
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Spanish America
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Artifacts, industry, and human activities
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Indigenous peoples
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Chalma (Mexico, Mexico)--Church history
Subject headings:
Jesus Christ--Apparitions and miracles--Mexico

Aparicion del Santo Christo de Chalma