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Cabinet Le572 / 1
Image title:
[Carta marina et descriptio septentrionalium Terrarum]
Creator 1:
Olaus Magnus
Creator 1 dates:
Place image published:
Romae [Rome]
Image publisher:
Ex Typis Antonij Lafreri Saguani
Image date:
MDLXXII. [1572]
Image function:
separate map
engraving, 2 sheets joined
Image dimension height:
52.8 cm.
Image dimension width:
79.4 cm.
Page dimension height:
55 cm.
Page dimension width:
83.8 cm.
Materials medium:
Materials support:
Map of Scandinavia consisting of two sheets which are joined. Includes the North Atlantic Ocean and part of Greenland. Greenland is shown with hunters and a shipwreck. Cartographic elements include scale, degrees of latitude and longitude, windroses, rhumb lines, and some topographical details. Decorative elements include sea monsters, including whales, seals, narwhal, lobsters, and sea serpents, ships, coats of arms, volcanoes, animals such as polar bears, reindeer, birds, horses, foxes or wolves, and men hunting.
Reduced version of the 9-sheet woodcut map published by Olaus Magnus, last Catholic archbishop of Sweden, in Venice, 1539. The 1539 version of the map was the first large-scale national or regional map ever published and was drawn to demonstrate to the Pope the extent of the area that the Roman Church would lose to the Protestants. The title, omitted here, is supplied from the larger version of the map.
Time Period:
Subject Area:
Artifacts, industry, and human activities; Flora and fauna; Geography, maps, city views and plans
geographic area:
Subject headings:
John Carter Brown Library, Annual Report, 1960, p. 31-32; E. Lynam, Carta marina of Olaus Magnus; Tooley, R.V. "Maps in Italian atlases," Imago Mundi, III, p. 12-47; Granlund, J. "Carta marina," Imago Mundi, VIII, p. 35-43
References exhibitions:
Hough, S.J. Italians and the creation of America, 113, fig. XXIV; cf. Hattendorf, J.B. Boundless Deep, fig. 2.1
Acquired in 1960. Gift of George H. Beans.
Owner and copyright:
©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912

[Carta marina et descriptio septentrionalium Terrarum]