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JCB Archive of Early American Images
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Codex Ind 2
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[ca. 1585]
Image function:
illustration; verso leaf 149
painting, manuscript
Image dimension height:
18.5 cm.
Image dimension width:
13.7 cm.
Page dimension height:
21 cm.
Page dimension width:
15.2 cm.
Materials medium:
ink, watercolor
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A goddess, probably Huixtocihuatl (or a priestess impersonating her), is shown wearing a cloak, a plume of quetzal feathers, and a headdress. The text describes this month as the time when the lower classes and workers served the lesser lords and chiefs.
Source creator:
Tovar, Juan de, ca. 1546-ca. 1626
Source Title:
Historia de la benida de los yndios apoblar a Mexico de las partes remotas de Occidente los sucessos y perigrinaçiones del camino su gouierno, ydolos y templos dellos, ritos y cirimonias ... calandarios delos tiempos
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Source date:
ca. 1585
This month, identified as having the day of John the Baptist in it, is called Small Festival of the Lords. The patron gods of this month were Huixtocihuatl or Uixtocihuatl (a fertility goddess who presided over salt and salt water and whose younger brother was Tlaloc) and Xochipilli (the Flower Prince and the god of maize, love, beauty, song and dance). The Tovar manuscript is divided into three sections. This third section of the manuscript contains the Tovar calendar which records a continuous Mexican calendar with months, weeks, days, dominical letters, and church festivals of a Christian 365-day year.
Time Period:
Kubler, G. & Gibson, C. The Tovar Calendar, Memoirs of the Connecticut Academy of Arts & Sciences, vol. XI, p. 26
Acquired from the collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps in 1946.
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©John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894, Brown University, Providence, R.I. 02912
geographic area:
Spanish America
Subject Area:
Indigenous peoples
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Mexico--History--To 1519
Subject headings:
Indians of Mexico
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Aztec calendar
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Aztec gods