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JCB Political Cartoons
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Title :
The Yankee Doodles Intrenchments Near Boston 1776
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Publish'd as the Act directs
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20.4 x 24.8 cm.
Narrative description :
American soldiers, entrenched behind palisades, wait for the onslaught of British troops.
References :
BM 5329; Honour, European vision of America, no. 232
Notes :
Includes poetry. 12-line verse, "Behold the Yankies in there ditch's," below the image. Boston was evacuated by Howe March 17, 1776. One of the few satires critical of the Americans. Shows the New England pine-tree flag in use before the stars and stripes.
Subject :
American Revolution.
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The Yankee Doodles Intrenchments Near Boston 1776