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JCB Map Collection
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D612 S652m [R]
Map title:
Place of Publication:
[printed by Joseph Barnes]
Publication date:
Map size height:
31.5 cm.
Map size width:
40 cm.
Item description:
Geographical description:
Map of Virginia. Geographical elements include river, locations of native settlements and tribes.Decorative elements include the English royal coat of arms, John Smith's coat of arms, a native American carrying a bow, arrows, and a club (identified as a Susquehannock), a view of an interior of a native building showing Powhatan and assembled subjects. Nautical elements include a scale, compass rose, ships.
Source author:
Smith, John, 1580-1631
Source title:
A map of Virginia vvith a description of the countrey, the commodities, people, government and religion
Source place:
At Oxford : Printed by Joseph Barnes, 1612
Cartobibliographic notes:
First map to depict with reasonable accuracy the Chesapeake Bay with its tributaries. This map is considered to be one of the most influential maps of America ever produced. See Burden, 164. This map is the 9th state.
Burden, P.D. Mapping of North America, 164; Cumming, W.P. Discovery of North America, p. 258-259, fig. 314; Church, E.D. Discovery, 359; Baer, E. Maryland, 1.
Geographic Area:
North America
Normalized date:
William Hole