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Collection name:
JCB Map Collection
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Call number:
E632 C453v (copy 1)
Map title:
Carte de la nouuelle france, augmentée depuis la derniere ...
Place of Publication:
[Claude Collet]
Publication date:
Map size height:
52.4 cm.
Map size width:
43.4 cm.
Item description:
fold-out engraved map; following p. 20
Geographical description:
Left sheet of a two-sheet map of New France showing the northeastern part of North America. Cartographic elements include degrees of latitude and longitude, sea banks or shoals, location of native American and French settlements, rivers, and lakes. Decorative elements include dwellings, ships, fishes, horseshoe crab, and royal French coat of arms.
Source author:
Champlain, Samuel de, 1567-1635
Source title:
Les voyages de la Novvelle France occidentale, dicte Canada ...
Source place:
A Paris. : Chez Claude Collet au Palais, en la Gallerie des Prisonniers, à l'estoille d'or., M.DC.XXXII
Burden, P.D. Mapping of North America, 237; McCorkle, B.B. New England in Early Printed Maps, 632.1
Geographic Area:
North America
Historical notes:
This map shows the results of European exploration west of Montreal for the first time. It is the first to depict the existence of the entire Great Lakes network; Lake Superior, which Champlain never saw, is here shown for the first time on a map.
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Carte de la nouuelle france, augmentée depuis la derniere ...